Banner of this month’s activity On February 27, 2020 a discussion was held with Ashley Eaton and other activists from “Extinction Rebellion”. The main topic of the discussion was the issue of circular economy, “5R” and a sustainable way of life. We had a great time together with a cup of tea/coffee and at the same time we discussed the importance of starting with ourselves first. This was our first activity within one year solidarity project “Think Globally, Act Locally” which will be implemented in Trnava, Slovakia. Stay tuned for our upcoming activities and feel free to join us! You...


Designing own T-shirts workshop (this workshop will be connected with promotion of our upcoming activities during the whole project. We will collect old or unnecessary clothes which people would throw away and create our own designs – new masterpieces. Those T-shirts will be used later during our activities as promotion while wearing them on next activities and workshops)


Planting trees (we will react to deforestation; our idea is to plant the trees in the places agreed with the municipality – we will show that cutting the trees is much more easier than planting new ones and then taking care about them – watering the trees) .


Cycling (less carbon dioxide in the air while staying healthy will be out next goal; we will take our bikes instead of cars and go cycling together. We want to connect it with little picnic in the nature and have a nice and friendly talk to each other.)


Outstore (by organizing this activity we will collect old/unnecessary clothes/shoes/home stuff, which we donĀ“t need anymore and we will make a swap store outside for people passing by. We can sell some of stuff for symbolic price, while promoting secondhand shops as one of the alternative instead of buying all the time new stuffs.)


BioFarm visit (this activity will lead participants to understand the importance of promotion and providing the fresh and local products instead of shipping them from countries even out of Europe; participants will learn how to plant the herbs and vegetables in natural area of Slovak farm)


Sculptures (during this activity we will use waste in order to make and create interesting sculptures which will be located in the city center where people passing by will have opportunity to see our “exhibition” and really think and realize that materials can be used again with nice and interesting outputs)