What is this project about?

Nowadays, we get awful news about ecological disasters, such as extremely hot and tremendous weather. People contributed to global warming the most. An there are other problems! Deforestation, air pollution, ozone layer depletion, to say the least. People play a key role in maintaining the ecological balance, as we are the most developed known organisms. Therefore, we have a moral obligation to do our best at preserving the environment for future generations.

Everybody can speak, but only few of us take the real initiative. We only have one planet and if we want to save it, we need to take the action right now. As the beginning, we need to start by ourselves to set a good example for others. We decided to develop this project because we see that there is a huge lack of environmental actions in our society, especially in our city of Trnava, Slovakia.

The reasons for global warming

There are several reasons why global warming is such a serious problem we are facing. Firstly, it is caused by lack of awareness and education of the problem among young people.

“Environmental education in Slovakia is a long-lasting underrated societal need that is pressing and needs to be urgently addressed. Our system of environmental education aimed at children and youth as well as at the general public markedly falls behind the needs of current Slovak society and behind the standard of surrounding European countries”

Iuventa 2012

This fact also influences the further development of basic environmental literacy and pro-environmental behavior. Environmental awareness of Slovak citizens, especially youth, is insufficient and does not lead to any behavioral changes and establishment of proper values.

What is global warming?

Another reason is the lack of time, as many people live busy lives with barely any free time! Even if people find any spare time, they will rather spent that time watching TV than going to the nature and breathing the clean air or cleaning the area filled with waste. Active lifestyle has been changed into a lazy stereotype without caring what is happening around us.

Decades of relatively development of Europe changed the way we live. We produce and consume more goods and services. We travel more and live longer. But the environmental impacts of our economic activities at home and abroad have become bigger and more visible. We grow our food in petrochemical fertilizers and pesticides. We develop using mostly cement and plastics, which are all fossil fuels, as it is the same case with our pharmaceutical products. Our transport, power, heat, and light are all reliant on fossil fuels as well. We have built an entire civilization on the use of fossil fuels, which we can easily run out of. The forests burn mainly because we need more space for the growing meat production.

Third reason connected to this issue is not having enough tools to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. In some countries, the recycling equipment is very limited. Natural conditions vary from country to country, so not all solutions will work everywhere. By taking into consideration all these issues we do believe that we need to act immediately. Otherwise, this ignorant behavior will have serious consequences.

The main objectives of this project:

  • raising awareness about the issue of global warming
  • getting deeper understanding to be able to set an example to others
  • developing local initiatives related to this issue
  • to raise the sense of initiative, active European citizenship and entrepreneurial spirit
  • encouraging the younger generation to get new knowledge and take initiative